I’m not certain Stuart Murdoch will ever publish a novel about a young person being bullied by other youths, but he certainly has written enough songs about such characters. Seeing Mr. Murdoch and his band perform at an outdoor amphitheater, however, I began to fear that maybe he would be become the protagonist of his own music. I spotted several patrons with neck tattoos! What is this? Oz?

FotoFlexer_Belle and SebastianI was shocked to see how many people turned out to see B & S. Where did all of these “fans” come from? Glasgow? Really? Well, I was the only one there re-reading “Sense and Sensibility” and slurping Earl Grey from bone china waiting for the show to begin, I can tell. It didn’t help when Yo La Tengo went on first and tried to set a distortion record of sorts. We get it, Ira. You want to be cool. Now can you just sing “Sugarcube” and get the hell off the stage. Elinor Dashwood would not approve!

B&S played an incredible, though, shortened set. Several older songs, especially from “If You’re Feeling Sinister.” I said I’d be happy if they played either “Lord Anthony” or “Judy and the Dream of Horses.” Well, they played both! Mims had to retrieve my ascot when I attempted to throw it on the stage.

But alas, summer concerts give way to ruffians playing outdoor sport like ruffian ball or some such thing. I say, Fie u’pont! Anyway, here’s Stuart looking a little like Joel McHale singing an ode to the end of summer that surely will one day end up in a Wes Anderson movie. Bummer.