We’re all Ukraine now. I mean in as much as Russia wants a taste of our peninsula. Hey now! This is a difficult one to handicap. On the one hand, you expect the State Department to at least anticipate aggressive behavior towards a sovereign nation. On the other hand, John McCain is batshit crazy. Thank god Lindsay Graham has a totes crush on him.

What would Tolstoy do? Probably write 90000 words on the subject and make you feel badly for all the parties concerned. For my part, I will continue to attend the annual Ukrainian Festival that takes place every summer in the “Bottoms.” Hmm, maybe Tolstoy was on to something.

FotoFlexer_Arcade FireSpeaking of something, the Arcade Fire surely do not disappoint in concert. Not quite the indie experience the zonked out kids have come to expect, but still a spectacular show full of extra percussion, lots of guitars, horns, fireworks and confetti. Oh, and a great 20 song set that included a lot of “Reflektor” but also lots of “The Suburbs,” their Grammily awarded studio recording. Etouffe and I wore our monkey suits whilest the dames were bedeckled in their finery. Quite the evening.

And a hat tip to DJ Dan Deacon for reminding us of what early 2000 electronic music sounded like. Well, done Dan – both DJ and Deacon. Your nightclub and your congregation would be proud of you, sir.

Update on the Best of 2013. Still not done. I’ve been busy. Traveling a lot for “work.” I have 15 of the damn things written up but I’m too proud to publish a Top 15 list. What is this? Paste. Oops.