fotoflexer_photo-arodReaders of this site know that I am an unabashed fan of steroid and performance enhancing drug use in professional sports. That is why I was pleased to see Alex Rodriguez (pictured pre-roids) admit to using the juice. Why? Well, look at his statistics for starters. His numbers are astounding. He crushes home runs at an astronomical rate, while also hitting for average. Isn’t that why people pay big money to see him? To watch sports in general? I know that we at Le Philistine Media, Inc. do.

Professional sports means paying athletes to over-perform. These are the best of the best, so why shouldn’t they perform at the highest level possible. Now the baseball writers will whine about the unfair advantage it gives some players over others. Bullshit.  Jose Canseco speculated that nearly 90% of all major leaguers were using leaded gas. As I’ve said previously about the great Barry Bonds, if they were all doing it then why was he so much better? Because he and A-rod and Maguire et al. just happened to be better hitters.

Hall of Fame? Hell, yes. Stop writing Congress about the stimulus package and start writing baseball writers about being assholes. The Hall is for the greatest athletes, clean or otherwise. For G’s sake, Maguire and Sosa saved the game of baseball from dropping below hockey and soccer as a spectator sport. And who would want that to happen?

Note to Grammily voters: nice call on giving George Carlin a posthumous grammy. I forget, was that a duet album with Alison Krause.