Hey, remember Tokyo Police Club? Me too. Here’s me looking not so much like Ruben Kincaid with David Monks of TPC when they were promoting “Champ.” Hey, do bands still lose money releasing CDs and touring? Thought so. I tipped him a double sawbuck like I was Henry Hill. Why not? The maitre d’ got me a table up front.

Our editorial staff is still pushing “Betty Wang” by Hospitality as song of the ‘ear, gov’ner. Can’t wait to see them live and living on May 15th. Sadly, can’t say the same for Levon Helm who has finally taken a load off. He’ll be missed by Marty Scorcese and others.

Still experiencing eargasm with The Shins “Port of Morrow.” Yeah, it’s not really a Shins record but I’m not going to argue with James Mercer. Otherwise, I’ll never get a picture. I’m also digging “Mr. M” by Lambchop. Bourbon for the ears.

I’d also like to introduce you to 2 bands that I follow on Twitter and whom I’m expecting big things. Ivy Dye is a catchy as hell pop outfit from Chicago who shall be releasing an EP this summer. Check out the NMH trumpet in “Statue” and tell me these guys aren’t destined to be your new favorite band. Also, find “Modern Man” by Kodacrome. They sent me a link to this song and I keep sampling it like a fine plate of cheese. Delicious. Keep up the good work musicians. Sorry if you lose money creating your art. Some of us still buy music. We’re doing our part.