Shona Laing sang “Glad I’m Not a Kennedy.” Well, what the hell does she know? The Kennedys have given more to the United States than any other family, with the possible exception of some Native American families. Bet you’re glad you’re not Native American too, Ms. Laing!

FotoFlexer_RFKHere I am hobnobbing with Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in front of a green screen. It’s fun to think we were filming “Xmen: Days of Future Chowder!” but we weren’t. The interview was brief. I said, “Glad to meet a hero.” RFK,Jr. Jr. said, “Me too, Mr. Louis C.K.”

Kennedys are always in high demand during campaign season, and RFK Stadium Jr. is no exception. His strong positions on the environment make him a natural to woo anti-fracking groups throughout the Northeast. Strangely, the candidate he was promoting isn’t exactly telling the drillers to stop dumping chemical solutions into our ground water. But, hey, I’m sure it will work out in the end.

In case you haven’t read it yet, check out the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report ( that will blow your socks off after first igniting them with exploding carbon particles. But don’t worry, melting ice chunks will cool you off soon enough. The report indicates that there is still hope to stop the devastating effects of climate change, but tell that to the Russians, Canadians and Americans who are already planning to drill in the Arctic once those pesky icebergs are all gone. The good news, of course, is that seismic and volcanic activity is on the rise. Future generations may have a whole new world to look forward to.

Speaking of creating islands, believe the hype: Future Islands is the band to beat for CD of the Year. As you will see in the accompanying video, they blew David Letterman into retirement. Singer/dancer Samuel T. Herring lets loose like somebody in town just outlawed dancing. His throaty vocals along with his band mates’ synthpop noodling earn them comparisons to the Fine Young Cannibals. Though I might say Peter Murphy also played a hand in influencing these gents. Check them out for yourself, and then run don’t run to buy “Singles,” their appropriately titled new record. You’re welcome.