Every so often we overlook a CD in the year that it was released and, thusly, do not include it in our annual Best of List. Well, I recently purchased Bon Iver’s 2008 release, “For Emma, Forever Ago” and feel like I have FDA recalled eggs all over my face. I think I was scared off by all the hype surrounding it’s creation. Apparently, Justin Vernon broke up with his “band” of 10 years and spent 3 lonely months in his father’s hunting cabin in Northern Wisconsin and produced this record. Unlike Thoreau, Vernon didn’t spend his time itemizing his expenses but rather laying out his soul.

He sings in a soulful falsetto that reminds me of Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio and John Jacob Niles with a lot of M. Ward thrown into the mix. The good news is that he toured as a guitarist with Philistine favorites The Rosebuds, and is currently contributing tracks to the new Kanye West CD. How’s that for Indie cred?

In sad time machine music news, Michael Been has passed away from an apparent heartattack at a music festival in Belgium. Been was not there performing with his great 80s band, The Call, but instead managing his son’s band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I owned 2 The Call albums, “Modern Romans” and “Into the Woods,” and I still get pumped when I play “The Walls Came Down” even though it had nothing to do with Ronnie’s challenge to Gorby.

One of the reasons The Call may not have enjoyed huge popularity was the serious existentialism of Been’s lyrics. Been even assumed his own lack of commercial success when he sought advice from a bandmate. “I was writing these songs and I said, ‘God, I don’t think anybody wants to hear this stuff,’ and he said, ‘Well, do it anyway.’ So, I’ve been going on his advice ever since.” You’ll be missed, Mr. Been.

Did we see the greatest rock band in America on Tuesday night? I don’t know, ask Stephen King. He described Marah as “probably the best rock band in America that nobody knows. Marah is great in the scat, bop, and jive way.” All right, so King was hit by car. Still, Marah really did put on a helluva good show. Tons of energy, drunken or otherwise. So what if they change lineups more often than Spinal Tap, Dave Bielanko is still putting out top shelf music. Their new CD, “Life is a Problem” came out in June. Pick it up when you see them live, and beware of creepy looking writers in the room.

Finally picked up the new Teenage Fanclub CD, “Shadows,” and, as per usual, the lads don’t disappoint. Not a wee bit. The Fannies are touring the states as well. So be on the lookout. Also, pre-order Jenny Lewis’ new project Jenny and Johnny. You won’t be disappointed.